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Interview with Macao five star hotel in June 2020

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Interview with Macao five star hotel in June 2020

Labor service information
2020/04/17 18:04.
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Employer: Macao luxury five star hotel

Working place: Macao (Macao is one of the two special administrative regions of People's Republic of China. Thirty-two point eight Square kilometers, population Fifty Yu Wan Ren, with

The city of Guangdong is connected to Zhuhai. The climate is a subtropical climate. 16-30 The climate is pleasant. The official language of Macao is Chinese and Portuguese, and the resident population with Chinese as the daily language is over. 95%

Macao is also one of the richest cities in the world. It is famous for its luxury hotels and tourism gambling industry. Its famous hotels include Wynn's Hotel, New World Hotel, The Galaxie Hotel, Venice, hotel and so on. The currency of Macao is Macao dollar, which is about RMB. One Macao dollar =0.88 RMB yuan, freely convertible with RMB)

Job title, salary and application requirements:

Other benefits: One The hotel gives the hotel staff extra monthly. Five hundred Macao yuan accommodation subsidies, employees are generally rented together in Macao Gongbei Customs Street across Zhuhai City renting, shuttle bus shuttle Hotel and Macao Gongbei customs port free transfer of hotel staff.

After work. Two Free work meals + Free work clothes + Free medical insurance + annually Twelve Paid annual leave + Paid sick leave per year Six day

Working hours : Daily Eight hour , weekly Six Day (need shift)                                                              Contract period: first contract period is one year, renewal can be renewed.

Registration time and method Please add us. work QQ 1402009411 Or WeChat CD1402009411 Get your application form for your friends. Send it to you as soon as you fill it out. (meanwhile, 1 2 inch certificate photos and 1 5 inch body photos are provided at the same time. Note: resume must be carefully filled, personal photos must be good. Because Macao hotels need to resume screening first, resume screening qualified candidates will have the opportunity to participate in the on-site interview.


Interview time and method : plan Two thousand and twenty year Six month     Live or online video interview    (finalize the interview time after the end of the epidemic).         

Registration hotline: 028-86690161 or 028-86265370 ( Work shift 13684093569 15328077866 (hours after work)

Registration consultation QQ : One billion four hundred and two million nine thousand four hundred and eleven Registration for WeChat: CD1402009411 Public micro signals: Jingwaijiuye66 or Cdgj49