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Financial personnel recruitment brief for Saudi Chinese funded companies

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Financial personnel recruitment brief for Saudi Chinese funded companies

Labor service information
2020/04/17 17:53.
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Location: Riyadh, the capital of the Middle East tyrant.

Employer profile: large Chinese companies registered in Saudi Arabia are mainly engaged in business. Human resources, engineering package, material purchase, etc.

Recruitment post One Senior Financial Officer One name   (base salary per month) 1.5-2 Ten thousand yuan RMB)

Recruitment post Two : Junior financial officer One name ( Monthly salary 8000-1 Ten thousand yuan RMB

Contract period: first phase Two year

Other welfare benefits Free ca88登录 air tickets, free accommodation and working meals, free work-related injuries and medical insurance are provided free of charge.

annually Thirty Paid vacation days!


Senior Financial Officer Responsibilities:

One According to the company's project conditions, establish a financial management system and formulate financial management system;

Two To supervise, inspect and guide the implementation of relevant financial regulations by various departments.

Three To set up accounting books and clear principles of subject selection so as to ensure the orderly conduct of accounting work;

Four To compile funds budgets, examine the use of funds for various projects, and check the authenticity, necessity and rationality of each project's revenues and expenditures.

Five Assets accounting and management, and regularly check assets and claims.

Six To prepare accounting statements, conduct financial analysis, and provide accounting information for company's business decisions.


Senior financial officer requirements:

One Bachelor degree majored in finance, with solid financial knowledge. Three More than 3 years experience in financial management, with experience in financial statements, financial analysis, capital budgeting, and professional titles in intermediate accounting.

Two Male, integrity, honesty, steadfast, logical thinking clear, strong compression ability, strong management ability; strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability.


Junior Financial Officer Responsibilities:

Daily accounting work, filing and filing of accounting files.


Junior financial officer requirements:

. Men can be graduating students who do not need much work experience, but need to graduate from finance major. They will communicate in basic English.


Resume and application:

Please fill in the resume of the Chinese language before the interview and submit the attached photo to your resume. Mailbox.

Remarks: resume template is available. QQ Or on WeChat, asking our staff.

Interview time: Two thousand and twenty year Six month   In batches QQ Internet video interview (candidate can take an interview at home with a cell phone).

Estimated time of departure: After the interview is qualified, the exit work will not be arranged until the epidemic situation is over.

Telephone: (working hours) 028-86265370 or 028-86690161 Closing time 13684093569 15328077866

Consultation QQ : One billion four hundred and two million nine thousand four hundred and eleven Consulting micro signals: CD1402009411 Public micro signals: Jingwaijiuye66 or Cdgj49

Expatriate labor company: Chengdu ca88登录 company (approved by the Ministry of Commerce)

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