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Dubai China Travel Agency, "financial position" personnel recruitment Brief

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Dubai China Travel Agency, "financial position" personnel recruitment Brief

Labor service information
2020/04/17 17:52.
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Employer introduction: The travel agency is a professional Chinese travel agency approved by the Dubai government of the United Arab Emirates and the Dubai Tourism Bureau.

Job title 1 : Financial personnel 5 name

L Operating duty: Responsible for the travel agency's entry team account processing, issuing financial statements and vouchers, and bills management.

L treatment 1.: the probationary period is 6 months (the monthly salary is equivalent to RMB 7000 yuan), and the probation period is completed. After examination, it is transferred to seventh months.

start Monthly salary is Nine thousand RMB yuan In addition, according to performance, there may be an amount of bonus every quarter.

2. insurance: Free Admission Medical and industrial injury insurance 3. meals: take care of themselves

4. accommodation: Free Admission Provide 5. commuter traffic: free shuttle bus.

6. annual leave: full 1 years, 30 days paid annual leave.

7. ca88登录 air tickets: Free Admission Air tickets for work in Dubai and ca88登录 tickets returned to China for 2 years.

(but the first flight to Dubai will be paid by the employee first, and the company will be reimbursed in full after one year's work).

L Working hours Working 5 and a half days a week (8:30am~5:30pm per day), 1 days and a half rest.

L Contract period: The first contract is 2 years, and renewal is welcome at the end of the contract.

L Recruitment requirements:

1) honest and trustworthy, with good professional ethics and professional quality, strong communication skills and team spirit.

2) major in accounting or finance, good organization and coordination ability, strong sense of data and strong sense of responsibility.

3) relevant working experience is preferred. L

Resume and application:

Please fill in the resume of the Chinese language before the interview and submit the attached photo to your resume. Mailbox.

Remarks: resume template is available. QQ Or on WeChat, asking our staff.

Interview time: 2020 Year 6 Month QQ in batches Internet video interview (candidate can take an interview at home with a cell phone).

Estimated time of departure: After the interview is qualified, the exit work will not be arranged until the epidemic situation is over.

Telephone: (working hours) 028-86265370 Or 028-86690161 Off time 13684093569 15328077866

Consultation QQ : One billion four hundred and two million nine thousand four hundred and eleven Consulting micro signals: CD1402009411 Public micro signals: Jingwaijiuye66 or Cdgj49

Expatriate labor company: Chengdu ca88登录 company (approved by the Ministry of Commerce)

Two thousand and twenty year Two month