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2020 UAE special counter sales assistant interview recruitment Brief

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2020 UAE special counter sales assistant interview recruitment Brief

Labor service information
2020/04/17 17:49.
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Job title: Sales Advisor

Employer United Arab Emirates list sales group

Employer introduction : Founded in 1988, it is a well-known luxury seller in the UAE and is also one of the largest luxury importers in the Middle East. It mainly sells world watches, such as OMEGA, Longines, Tissot, MontBlanc, Baoji, Bao Po, glasudi, Zhen Nishi, Swath and so on.

Working place Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Doha, Bahrain.


treatment Monthly salary 4500-5500-6000 De lamb (about RMB) 8500-10000-11000 Yuan, note: these three basic salaries, employers will be based on the applicant's English proficiency, work experience, communication skills, after the interview to determine finally. + Sales commission (according to sales performance, monthly employee's Commission deduction) Two thousand element -10000 RMB yuan, for reference. + Free round-trip ticket + Free medical insurance + annually Thirty Paid vacation days

Special benefits: excellent employees will get car rewards or free travel to Europe luxury cruise.

Get accommodation Take your own expenses. (our company assists in arranging the settlement of accommodation, the 3-4 persons share the rent, and the cost of accommodation per person per month is 1000 yuan.

Diet Take care of yourself. (cooking in Dubai, UAE) costs about 300 yuan a month, and if you eat in a restaurant outside, the cost is higher.

Commute traffic Take care of yourself. Optional bus, subway or chartered car cost about 200-250 RMB a month.

Remarks: To sum up, in the United Arab Emirates, monthly consumption, housing, travel and other necessary expenses are equivalent to about 3500 yuan (for reference).

Contract period The first contract is 2 years, and it can be renewed after expiration.                

Working hours 9 hours a day (including one hour), 6 days a week.

The recruitment project description: from Two thousand and twelve So far, our company has sent more than one batch of personnel to the UAE group to engage in the sales of name list, and the feedback information is very good.

The applicant asked:

Men and women are not restricted. 19-30 Year old, well-balanced and professional, but must have good oral English communication skills. Outgoing, energetic, good sense of service and communication skills; overseas work experience is preferred.

Resume and application:

From now on, Work with us QQ1402009411 Or WeChat CD1402009411 For friends QQ Or WeChat can get a resume sample from the application form.

After completing QQ Or send it back to the company on WeChat (including my resume in English and Chinese). +2 Inch ID photo +1 Zhang Quanshen is dressing up.

You can also send it directly to the company's email address.


Telephone: (working hours) 028-86265370 or 028-86690161 Closing time 13684093569 15328077866

Consultation QQ : One billion four hundred and two million nine thousand four hundred and eleven Consulting micro signals: CD1402009411 Public micro signals: Cdgj49 or Jingwaijiuye66


Interview time and location: Two thousand and twenty year from Five Month begins   Network video interview in batches   


Expected departure time: after the interview is qualified, the exit work will be arranged after the epidemic situation is over.

Expatriate company: Chengdu ca88登录 economic and ca88登录 cooperation Limited by Share Ltd, a professional company with legitimate foreign labor service qualifications.


  The company has long been engaged in the overseas Emirates labor service in the UAE, and has rich experience in expatriate work. There are special management teams in the UAE.

Responsible for the late management of the labor force in the UAE. It can ensure the safety and legality of labor personnel working abroad.




Here are some pictures of the sales group working in the UAE.