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October 2020 live interview for staff at card Airport Duty Free Shop

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October 2020 live interview for staff at card Airport Duty Free Shop

Labor service information
2020/04/17 17:44.
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  Location: Doha International Airport, overseas oil rich country, Qatar


      Remarks: . Qatar is a Arabia country located in the middle of Arabia peninsula with an area of 1. 000 square kilometers, the capital of Doha; Bordering on the United Arab Emirates, the summer climate is hot, the winter climate is cool (but all workplaces and houses are air-conditioned); the population is about 1 million 700 thousand; the local population accounts for only 20%; 80% of the population is foreign, and almost all the local commercial work is done by the floating population.

Qatar is a rich oil country in the Gulf. Natural gas exports rank the highest in the world, with GDP per capita. Ranking first in the world.

Qatar has the best five star airline in the world. Qatar Airways!


Job title: One Sales staff at taxa Airport Duty Free Shop Eighty name   (both men and women)

Operating duty : At the airport duty free shop, we sell world famous brand cosmetics, perfume, bags, brand name tobacco and liquor, high grade food, name list, etc.     [ Sales + cashier ]

Monthly income: 3080 yuan per month ( Conversion Five thousand and eight hundred About RMB yuan. + Sales commission (according to the monthly income of different counters, normal monthly income)

500 - 5000 RMB yuan And so on)

Induction training : Free Admission There are also opportunities to be sent to France, Italy and Turkey for free training.

Accommodation: Free There are 2 bedrooms in each room, 2 people in each bedroom, shared large living room, kitchen, toilet, air conditioning, furniture, kitchen stove, washing machine, etc., and water and electricity are free within reasonable limits.

Diet : Free working meals      Commute traffic : Free supply (or providing transportation subsidy) Work uniform: free of charge             

Medical insurance: free of charge        Round-trip ca88登录 air tickets: free (annually) One Round trip for visiting relatives    Annual leave: Annual Thirty Paid annual leave

Extra airline ticket benefits : As an employee of Qatar Airways, Employees enjoy annual benefits One Free shuttle ticket +1 Zhang One Round-trip return ticket + Unlimited Zhang Five The round-trip return ticket (applicable to all card routes can be returned to China, and it can also travel anywhere in the world between annual leave or rest day).

Working hours : 5 days a week, 2 days off work; 10 hours a day (including meals); work is divided into 3 shifts (early, middle and late classes, once a week).


Job requirements:

Men and women are not restricted, age 20 Aged -32 years (before June 30, 2020, 20 years old), professional, spoken English is good, can use English to carry out daily conversation; image integrity, extrovert, affinity, no infectious diseases (such as hepatitis B size, Sanyang, tuberculosis)

Estimated time and place of interview: Two thousand and twenty Year 10 Chengdu, Hangzhou or Beijing (finalize the interview time according to the end time of the epidemic).

Estimated time for going abroad: 2020 Starting from December to April 2021


Resume and application for applicants Please fill in the resume from both Chinese and English and attach a photo (two inch blue certificate photo). Send to Mailbox.

Remarks: Resume template please consult QQ Ask for our staff on WeChat.

Telephone: 028-86265370 Or 028-86690161   15328077866 13684093569     

  Consultation QQ 1402009411 (QQ There are many references to Qatar in the space log.   Consulting WeChat: CD1402009411

Public micro signal: jingwaijiuye66 Or cdgj49

  Expatriate labor company: Chengdu ca88登录 economic and ca88登录 cooperation Limited by Share Ltd (the country's regular and legitimate expatriate labor company)

Company website: Location: 11 floor, Sichuan International Building, 206 Shuncheng Street, Chengdu.


Working advantage at Qatar Airport

L Personal safety is guaranteed.

One Although Qatar is in the Middle East, it is far away from those in the Middle East. At the same time, Qatar is a famous oil and gas rich country in the Gulf region, rich in state and GDP per capita. Ranking first in the world, the political situation of the country has remained stable for a long time, the social order is world-class, and has a sound labor security system. The card airport belongs to the Qatar government enterprise, the management is very standardized; the Qatar airport is working, the working environment is also very comfortable.

Two There is a Chinese Embassy in Doha, Qatar, and Qatar is very friendly to Chinese people. It is a preferential policy for Chinese citizens to travel to Qatar, so that they can visit Qatar by their parents and relatives in Qatar.

Three The project to the card airport is approved by the Chinese Embassy in Qatar. It is lawfully dispatched by the state's regular expatriate labor company Chengdu ca88登录 company and is responsible for later stage management, so as to ensure the legality and safety of the overseas staff working outside the city.


L Excellent benefits:

One Qatar airport provides free accommodation, work meals, commuter transportation and medical insurance to all employees. At the same time, it pays wages to the staff of Qatar first, and completely relieves the worries of foreign employees coming to Qatar in their early work.


Two Qatar airport employees belong to the world's best five star Qatar airline employees. All of them can enjoy the airline tickets provided by Qatar Airways. Including free trips to Qatar and returning to ca88登录 flights at the expiry of the contract period. Annual free return home visit ticket + An unlimited number of 90 percent off or 50 percent off card air tickets can be used every year (which can be used for global travel or multiple trips) plus 10 annual 90 percent off family card tickets (for airport ground crew). The airline benefits are unique in the global airports. !


Three Qatar airport employs 30 per year. Paid annual leave (and these 30 Holidays can be separated. That is to say, every job is 3 full. You can go back home for 7 days in a month or travel abroad for 1 days, so you can go back home for 4 years or take a trip. This flexible vacation benefit is unique in the global airports.


Remarks: some students who need to return home to deal with personal affairs during their work abroad can use these holidays to return home to deal with these matters lightly.


L Personal short-term gains:

One You can get free training at Qatar airport to make use of the free and privileged ticket to travel overseas, broaden your horizons and broaden your horizons.

Two Can easily engage in overseas purchasing in Qatar and earn more personal income.

Three It can rapidly and effectively improve English listening and speaking ability in Qatar's English working and living environment.


L Personal long-term gains (laying a solid foundation for personal development in the future):

One According to the provisions of QA, 1 of the ground duty or duty free shops at the card airport are full. After the year, you can apply for internal transfer in the card flight. For example, you can apply for card aviation, card office management positions, etc. Good performance and promotion opportunities.

Two It can also rely on the confidence, excellent English ability and rich customer service experience gained from the work done at the card airport. It is relatively easy to apply for other foreign airlines or other famous foreign companies in China.