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foreign trade

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foreign trade

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Our company is a comprehensive foreign trade company which deals in the import and export business of agricultural and sideline products, chemical raw materials, building materials, decorative materials, electronic products, general merchandise, household appliances, textiles, hardware, electricity, minerals, complete sets of equipment and technology. The company has established trade relations with nearly 100 countries and regions on six continents. In addition, the company is also engaged in three categories of medical devices and food circulation. Since the establishment of the company, with the efforts of all the staff, the import and export business has achieved good results, with an annual import and export volume of nearly US $50 million. The company is a key export enterprise in Sichuan and Chengdu. It is the Ministry of Commerce's key link enterprise in Sichuan. A Management enterprises and preferential tax refund enterprises. The company is not satisfied with its existing achievements. Every year, it sends delegations to China and the ca88登录 trade fairs such as the China Import and Export Fair, so as to develop new markets and find new business opportunities.


Import and export one


This department is mainly engaged in import and export of goods and agency business, annual import and export volume of tens of millions of dollars. There are no restrictions on the types of export commodities. The main commodities are: hardware tools, general merchandise, complete sets of equipment, small mechanical and electrical equipment, agricultural machinery, chemical products, biological products, medicine, industrial spare parts, auto parts and so on. The export countries spread throughout Europe, North America, South America, Japan and Southeast Asia.
This department provides customers with various export documents to assist customers in handling export declaration procedures. Collecting foreign exchange for clients, timely refund procedures. Serve the customers wholeheartedly so that customers can feel relieved and satisfy the customers.
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Import and export two parts


This department mainly deals with import and export business of machinery, chemical, hardware, electronics and complete sets of equipment.
In terms of export business, first of all, mechanical products, mainly in the export of agricultural machinery, and relying on a wealth of business development experience, expand export products to welding equipment, vehicles, construction machinery and other fields; secondly, chemical industry, hardware tools, electrical products, security products as our traditional export products, its export volume is also maintained. With steady growth year by year.
In terms of import business, especially the import of complete sets of equipment, our company has successively worked with the large enterprises such as Lian Xiang printing, Chuan Bao group and Chengdu Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., and successfully introduced production equipment for them, thus establishing a good reputation in the industry. At the same time, the Department also attaches importance to small import projects, such as the import of auto parts and the import of chemicals under construction.
Our department will strive to provide our customers with the most enthusiastic and professional service.  
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Import and export four parts

It is mainly engaged in the export of Cereals, oils, foodstuffs and livestock products. Currently, it mainly manages frozen pork products for port, Russian and Eastern European countries. Its main products include frozen pig's back muscles (I), frozen pig's forelegs muscles (II), frozen pig's large row muscles (III), frozen pig hind leg muscles (IV), and large intestine frozen pigs, etc. Import and export business of hardware, auto parts, textiles and so on. For a long time, thanks to the fast and excellent service, we are well received by our customers. We warmly welcome all the new and old customers to develop together with them.
Thank you for your patronage!
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