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Labor works


Ministry of labor cooperation

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Ministry of labor cooperation

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Relying on the abundant human resources in Sichuan province and the strong support from relevant departments and enterprises, the Ministry has very good achievements and credibility in the field of labor service. At present, the company is one of the member companies of Sino Japanese Trainee cooperation agency in Sichuan province and the only member of the Chinese chefs chefs. In January 2009, the company was awarded the AAA credit enterprise of foreign labor cooperation by the China foreign contractors Engineering Association.
After years of efforts by the Ministry of labor cooperation, we have dispatched thousands of service workers to Japan, Korea, Germany and the Middle East and Southeast Asian countries in the fields of mechanical processing, electronic engineering, civil engineering, furniture manufacturing, Chinese chefs and so on. In particular, more than three thousand technical trainees have been sent to Japan. It covers machinery manufacturing, assembly, electrical equipment manufacturing, printed circuit board manufacturing, household electrical appliance assembly, automobile repair, precious metal processing, plastic molding, electroplating, casting, textile, clothing sewing, food processing (bread making, canned, ham sausage manufacturing, water processing, etc.), offset printing, binding, building (woodworking, painting), welding, agriculture and forestry, etc. Noodles.
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