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Pretrial Department abroad

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Pretrial Department abroad

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This department is responsible for inviting overseas workers such as visa and other overseas personnel such as the company's expatriate labor service, temporary visiting group and other foreign personnel. At the same time, the Ministry has launched the dispatch of Chinese chefs in Germany, Russia, Slovenia, South Korea and Singapore, as well as the dispatching of Singapore aviation maintenance technicians, bus drivers, star hotels, receptionists and restaurant attendants.
In particular, we have accumulated rich experience in the development of the "de chefs" project. Relying on the advantages of Sichuan's catering industry and abundant human resources of chefs, the Ministry has set up a strict qualification examination system for expatriate chef, and constantly strengthened and improved the selection of chefs in Germany. On the basis of strict implementation, Germany and the United States have selected qualified chef that can satisfy the requirements of Chinese restaurant owners in Germany. At the same time, during the chefs' visit to Germany, they often maintained contact and communication with chefs and German restaurant owners to understand the chefs' work and life in Germany, and laid a good foundation for ensuring the quality of the chefs.
Relying on extensive contacts with foreign employers, agencies and provincial labor organizations, we are willing to work together with new and old customers at home and abroad to develop foreign labor cooperation business.
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Sino German chefs labor cooperation project
   Requirements for the chef:
Male; age 22 to 40 years old; must have more than 2 years of experience in cooking major in middle and advanced vocational and technical schools, obtain diploma from relevant state departments, and obtain a certificate of intermediate or above chefs occupational qualification issued by the Chinese human resources and social security department; and have to have a professional restaurant chef at a regular scale of 2 years or more. Work experience, and provide a complete set of work history proof records; must pass the health knowledge (European standard) training and cooking skills examination held by the examination center designated by the Contractor's business center, and obtain the certificate of qualification; must attend the training of expatriate labor personnel before going abroad, and obtain the certificate of assignment for labor training; work diligently, diligently, comprehensively, and be able to bear hardships and stand hard work, and adapt to the life of foreign countries. Strong working environment, good health, integrity and no criminal record.
According to the latest German chefs labor policy in Germany, we also accepted the chef who had worked in Germany as a chef and applied for a re visit to Germany. He must return home from Germany for over 3 years. He must provide proof from his former German employer to prove his work experience in Germany.
   Job description:
   Working contract cycle: In 4 years, when the contract expires, it will be unable to stay in Germany.
   Location: Chinese restaurants all over Germany
   Working hours: Working 5-6 days a week, working hours per day according to the specific business hours of restaurants, after a full year's work, there is a paid vacation every year, the number of days off from 14 to 21 days, and the reasonable vacation time is arranged by restaurants according to their business conditions.
   Job content: Cooking, cooking, cutting, matching, preparing materials, washing dishes, sanitation and other kitchen work.
Basic work treatment:
1. The net monthly salary after the first year is 1400-1500 euros (Overtime). In second years, the German employers will increase their monthly wages according to the actual performance of the chef and the restaurant's business benefits, which generally increase by 100 euros per year.
   2, the employer assumes the cost of accommodation, food, insurance, taxation and residence and work permit for the cook during his stay in Germany.
   Cost of going abroad: They are strictly charged according to the national standards.