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General situation of labor and Engineering

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General situation of labor and Engineering

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Relying on the abundant human resources in Sichuan province and the strong support of relevant departments and enterprises, the company has a very good performance and credibility in the field of labor service delivery, and is the leading export enterprise of labor services in Sichuan province. The company is a member of the China Contract Engineering Association and the governing body of China Japan training institution. It is also rated as the AAA credit enterprise of foreign labor cooperation by the China foreign contractors Engineering Association.
After many years of development, the company has established business partnership with more than 20 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. It has been organized or sporadically dispatched thousands of skilled workers including sales personnel, chefs, waiters, agricultural workers, secretaries, medical personnel and workers in various industries. Equipment installation and many other foreign projects. At present, the company has a long-term and stable labor dispatching agreement with Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Macao, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Korea and other countries and regions. In many years of operation, the company has always adhered to the principle of "quality first, honesty, trustworthiness and common development". It has accumulated rich experience in the selection, training, risk control and emergency handling of labor personnel, and has formed a complete set of management system. The selection of the dispatched labor force has won favorable comments from the employers.
Overseas service must be read:
Q: how can I get information about going abroad?
Answer: the labor force can obtain information from all kinds of media such as television, radio, newspaper, network, etc., and can also entrust information to the grassroots units (including the school employment office) for recommending the organization of labor services under the assignment of labor service companies or expatriate labor companies.
Q: how to choose expatriates?
Answer: to check whether the expatriate labor company of the recruiter has the qualification certificate of foreign labor cooperation operation approved by the Ministry of Commerce (the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation). In order to avoid being deceived, the labor force may inquire the external department of the commercial department (bureau) of the local government (the telephone number can be found from local 114).
Q: what situations should I know before signing up?
Answer: before signing up, the labor force should focus on the following situations:
First, the names of countries and regions, expatriate labor companies and foreign employers.
Two, the scope of work, the duration of work, whether there is probation, monthly or weekly working days, working hours per day, ca88登录 travel expenses and so on.
Three, remuneration pay: including monthly basic wages, overtime and holiday overtime pay, wages and overtime pay, accommodation, other welfare, work-related injuries, medical insurance and so on.
Q: what are the costs before going abroad?
A: before going abroad, the workers themselves need to bear the burden of:
First, the physical examination fee: physical examination can be carried out by the labor service personnel to the Quarantine Bureau abroad, and it can also be organized by the expatriate labor companies. The cost is charged by the hospital, about 400 yuan.
Two, passport fees: at the location of the Public Security Bureau exit and Entry Administration Office, the cost of 200 yuan.
Three, the fee for going abroad and the service fee of the expatriate labor company.
The service fee is the expenses incurred by the expatriate labor company to provide organization and management services for the labor force to go abroad to labor.
Q: what are the procedures for going abroad? How to handle it?
Answer: procedures for going abroad include domestic formalities and foreign procedures.
First, domestic procedures mainly include passport, visa and exit certificates, which are generally handled by expatriate labor companies. For these procedures, the materials provided by the labor force include: residence booklet, ID card, diploma, photo, etc.
Two. Foreign procedures include entry permit, work permit and so on, which are held by foreign employers.
Three, with the above procedures completed, the labor force can go abroad to work.
Due to the reasons of the expatriate labor company or the foreign employer, the labor service personnel can not be sent out. The labor service companies that are sent abroad shall refund the service fees paid by the labor service personnel, but the expenses incurred by others such as passports, physical examination and other actual expenses incurred by themselves shall be borne by themselves. In case of personal reasons, the service fee and service charge shall not be refunded.
Q: what problems should we pay attention to in foreign countries?
A: 1., foreign countries do not always have gold everywhere. They must obtain their corresponding rewards through their hard work and efforts. 2. when working abroad, the labor force must strictly enforce the contract, abide by the local laws and regulations, and respect the living habits of the local people. 3. if problems arise during work abroad, do not act excesses or act illegally. 4. the labor force is a citizen of People's Republic of China. During the period of going abroad to work, the state will protect the legitimate rights and interests of the labor service personnel; however, if the labor force goes abroad through irregular means or goes abroad to commit crimes, the rights and interests of the labor force will be hard to be protected.