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International Engineering Department

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International Engineering Department

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The Department is responsible for handling expatriate services such as work in Dubai, Singapore and Macao.
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1. A guide to Dubai, a luxury city in UAE.






geographical position

Singapore is a tropical island, consisting of an island and 60 small islands. It has little change in temperature, abundant rainfall, and reproduction of plants and animals, reflecting the characteristics of tropical islands. The geographical location of Singapore is one of the crossroads in the world. The unique geographical conditions make it a major business, transportation, communication and tourism center.

Singapore Honjima Yuto to the West about 42 kilometers, from the south to NATO 23 kilometers, including all the size of the island, including a total area of 682.7 square kilometers. The rest of the island is larger than the island, with a total of 24.4 km (km), Pulau Ubin (10.2 sq km) and Sentosa Island (3.5 sq km).
The Singapore Airport in Singapore provides services for 69 airlines and is a gateway to Southeast Asia.


Two. Work guide to Singapore


Singapore has a total population of 4 million 17 thousand, including 3 million 263 thousand of its citizens and permanent residents. 76.8% of them are Chinese, 13.9% are Malays, 7.7% are Indians, and 1.4% are Eurasian races and other ethnic groups.

Singaporean Mandarin is a Malay language. There are four official languages: Malay, Mandarin (Mandarin Chinese), Tamil and English. English is the most widely used administrative language. Most Singaporeans speak two languages, Chinese and English.


Singapore is located in the tropics and has rainwater all year round, but it rains the most every year from November to the following year. Relatively dry, it is from June to August. Relatively speaking, the annual temperature varies little, rainfall is abundant, air humidity is high, the climate is warm and humid, the annual average temperature is between 23 and 31 degrees Celsius, and the temperature difference is very small. Therefore, Singapore is a paradise for those who enjoy sunbathing, swimming, sailing and other water sports. Those who hate hot sunshine will not suffer because almost all shops, hotels, offices and restaurants in Singapore are equipped with air-conditioning.

Economic development

From 1970s, Singapore began to get rid of the situation of relying solely on re export trade to make a living. The country is becoming richer and the people's living standard is rising rapidly. In the 37 years after 1965 (as of 2000), Singapore's economy grew by an average of more than 8%. In 2002, the per capita GDP was 37401 new yuan (about 20887 US dollars). Today, Singapore has developed into an important financial center, transportation center and ca88登录 trade transfer station in Southeast Asia, an important manufacturing center of the world's electronic products and the third largest oil refining center. The currency is Singapore dollar, 1 new currency =4.8 yuan.


What documents do foreign workers need to hold in Singapore?

Foreign workers working in Singapore need to hold an effective employment permit (Ep or Sp) or a work permit (Wp) issued by the Ministry of human resources of Singapore. The Ep and Sp certificates require applicants to have a college education level (excluding Chef / nurse). The salary level is generally 1800 new currency / month (1 new currency =5 yuan). Wp permits only require applicants to have high school or technical secondary school education, and the salary level is generally 700 new currency / monthly salary + overtime pay.

EP / SP employment permit holders are widely distributed in almost all walks of life in Singapore, and the permit holder has been working in Singapore for 2 years to apply for permanent residence in Singapore (green card); WP work permit holders are mainly concentrated in the following areas: construction, maritime engineering, manufacturing, service and other industries.


Three. Work guide to Macao

Macao is one of the two special administrative regions of People's Republic of China. It is located on the western side of the Pearl River Delta on the southeastern coast of China. It consists of four parts: Macao Peninsula, Tsai Tsai Island, Lu Huan island and Lu Cheng City. It has a total population of 32.8 square kilometers and has 50 people. This also makes Macao the highest population density area in the world. The north of Macao is linked to Gongbei, Zhuhai, Guangdong province; West and Wanchai and Hengqin belong to Zhuhai. The eastern part is 60 kilometers away from the other special administrative region, Hongkong, separated by the Pearl River Estuary. Macao is one of the four largest gambling cities in the world. Its famous textiles, toys, tourism, hotels and Casino make Macao prosperous. Therefore, Macao is also one of the richest cities in the world.

climate Macao is a subtropical climate with the characteristics of temperate climate. The annual average temperature is about 20 degrees centigrade. The annual temperature difference varies from 16 to 25 degrees. The average annual temperature in two, seven is 23.2 degrees Celsius. Wet and rainy in spring and summer, the relative humidity in autumn and winter is low and rainfall is less. The typhoon season is from May to October, the most frequent from July to September.

language Official language of Macao They are Chinese and Portuguese. According to the ninth article of the basic law of the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, "the administrative organs, legislature and judicial organs of the Macao special administrative region can also use Portuguese in addition to the Chinese language, and Portuguese is also the official language". Macao has more than one resident in the Chinese language (Cantonese, Fujian dialect and Putonghua). 95% And Portuguese The population is 0.6%, while the rest of the population uses English, Philippines and other languages.

currency Macao currency (Macau Pataca, MOP). The goods sold in Macao and the fees provided are all calculated in Macao currency, but they can also be used in Hong Kong dollars or other currencies. The exchange rate is determined by market floating rate. Banknote denomination Ten Yuan, Twenty Yuan, Fifty Yuan, One hundred Yuan, Five hundred Yuan and One thousand Six yuan; coins. One Milli, Two Milli, Five Milli, One Yuan, Two Yuan he Five Six yuan.  

Tourism gambling industry   

Tourism gambling industry is one of the main economic driving forces in Macao, including gambling industry as the largest direct tax source in Macao, and other industries such as hotels, restaurants, retail and so on. It is very important to promote the development of Macao's economy.

The rapid development of tourism and service industry is the most important source of foreign exchange in Macao. Since 1990s, tourism in Macao has entered a stage of vigorous development, since 1992 Tourism revenue has outstripped the export value since the beginning of the year. Since the establishment of the HKSAR government, the tourism industry has been developing more rapidly. Passenger mainland (54.5%), Hongkong (31.6%) and Taiwan (6.5%) )